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Last days for PDC Gaming's Science Fiction accessories on Kickstarter

PDC Gaming is in their final days on Kickstarter. They're looking to fund a line of generic weapons and vehicle parts you can add to your sci-fi minis. They're pretty close to their goal. Can you help them over it?

From the latest update:

Hi folks

A few people have asked about the actual size of the 4-up scale assault rifle and stand: a prototype personalized with your own message....

Please see the attached pictures with one of the first 3D prints alongside various coins (and even a $ bill) --- and then I remembered we're an engineering company so took a screen shot of the model with a bounding box. D'oh.

Please note the additional detail on the CAD model - the 3D prints so far have all been derived from our original prototype data - the actual item we produce will look like this CAD (ie more detail)