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Last Day to Pre-order SeaFall From Plaid Hat Games And Shipping Update

Legacy games grow with you as you play them. When certain conditions are met, you might add stickers to part of the board, write things on certain cards, open up extra packs of cards, or even shred parts of the game and throw them out. SeaFall is a new legacy game coming out from Plaid Hat Games. If you'd like to be the first gamer on your block with it, your time to pre-order is running out. Plaid Hat has also posted up an update about shipping the game.

For those that do take part in the pre-order, Plaid Hat has said that you will be getting your games in early October. This is a couple weeks later than originally expected because their container has been held up in customs (it happens sometimes). After things get moving again, they will start shipping out.