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Last chance for pre-VAT prices on Mantic army deals

Mantic Games are still offering their army deals at their old prices. From their announcement:
Our web deals have always been one of the best ways to get your Mantic miniatures at their best prices, well from now until the end of January the savings are even greater. So what are you waiting for? Go and place your order now before January finishes. As we mentioned in our last Newsletter, due to a VAT increase, combined with rising raw material costs, we had to have a slight price rise. This has mainly effected sterling prices, but there has been a few changes to the Euro and Dollar prices as well. All of our core products on our website now reflect these changes, so if you want to see what has changed take a look on our web-store. In addition to our core range, we also have an extensive selection of web only products, ranging from our largest army deals like the Liche King’s Hell Horde, our bundle deals such as our Dwarf Ironclad Regiment Deal, all the way down to the individual metals like the Elven King. All of these Web deals still need to be evaluated and re-configured to take into account the price rise. However because we are very busy at the moment, and this update will require a substantial time input, we have decided that we are going to leave all of our web deal prices as they are until the end of January. So don’t miss out.