Last chance at the Mantic Games 15% Off Sale

The Mantic Games 15% off sale ends today.

From their announcement:

The 15% Off Bank Holiday Madness sale from Mantic Games is rapidly coming to a close with less than 12 hours to go until the MADNESS15 code runs out.

And that’s not all. Today marks the final day of our Free Bag offer as well – order over 50 pounds, 75 euros, and 99 dollars, and you will receive a free Mantic Messenger Bag with your order. Combine that with a 15% discount code, MADNESS15, entered at the checkout, and this Bank Holiday is truly one of madness.

So, with brand new dwarf preorders, two monumentally great value deals in Malak’s Legion of Death and Tydarion’s Dragon Host, and a host of new releases such as the Vampire Lord on Pegasus and the Mantic Paintset, you have until Midnight tonight to claim your free bag and get 15% off.

Spread the word – don’t miss it.