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LaserCutCard gets your troops to battle

LaserCutCard released their new Ratel APC over in their webshop.


From the release:

LaserCutCard is proud to present the fourth vehicle in the “Bush War” series… the Ratel Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The Ratel is the basic infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) of the South African National Defence Force's mechanized infantry battalions. Ratel is the Afrikaans name for the honey badger, which has a reputation as a ferocious fighter.

This is a cardboard and MDF kit for the Ratel in approximately 1/50 scale. It also includes plastic tubing for weapons and axels.
It is made from layers of 1mm heavy card, laser cut.

The hatches can be modelled open or shut and the kit includes three different turret versions:
- a 90mm cannon (to make the Ratel 90)
- a ZT3 anti-tank turret (to make the Ratel ZT3)
- a 20mm cannon turret (to make the Ratel 20)

Kit comes unassembled and unpainted.