Laserburn Showcase and Offer shows off a gallery of all their Laserburn releases as well as lets you know about a special offer they’re running.

V106 Law Officer Air Raft with miniature


From the announcement:

Last week all of us at reached the end of a six month project to re-master and re-release all of the classic 15mm scale Laserburn vehicle codes. Its been a constant part of our lives for this entire time and while the odd thing was a little troublesome on the whole it was a great experience. The reason not least for this being the outpouring of adoration and joy towards us from science fiction wargamers both young and older at our efforts. In some cases notably the V011 Scorpion Air Lander and the V106 Law Officer Air Raft which would have never seen the light of day again but for this process. One being so heavy in white metal that it would be impossibly expensive for customers and the other the loss of its mold stock due to age. As a result we are rounding up the whole range and the Laserburn experience so that you can see it all. From the first to the last here are all the vehicles in all their glory on our blog. Click the link.

So if you adore Laserburn think about adding to your collection and if you decide to then we will, over the next seven days, throw in for free a Surprise Packet of Laserburn products. Bigger the order bigger the surprise but you will get something cool in even the smallest Laserburn order.