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Laserburn Glaive and Scout Cars released at expands their sci-fi vehicle line with their new Glaive and Scout Cars over in their webshop.


From the release:

Its time for another re-mastered re-release for the Laserburn 15mm science fiction classic range at and what a massive one it is. Some might say its the most eagerly anticipated vehicle release possible for Laserburn as it means that once more from the dim distance of the 1980's the V008 Glaive APC and the V009 Imperial Scout Car are both back in production!

Re-Mastered into high quality grey tone resin (and new white metal molds) these vehicles can now be bought with a choice of four, yes four, different means of propulsion. The options are Tracked, Hover, Wheeled and Anti-Gravity meaning you can tailor your forces to suit your campaign. These propulsion options are open to the Glaive and the Imperial Scout Car.

There are also two mega bundles for whole platoons with a saving and our Salute 2014 code is in effect meaning 15% off when its used. Big savings.

Click on the link to see a lot more and get details.

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