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Laserburn Air Raft Re-released at is working to remaster and re-release their Laserburn line. They've got their Air Raft done and ready for purchase on their website.


From the release: is continuing its quest to re-master and re-release all of the classic Laserburn 15mm vehicles to keep them in production. We have another one for you adding to the Flit Car, Hover Van and so on already on the website.

V106 Law Officer Air Raft
1 Resin and Metal Vehicle 5.00GBP
Law Enforcement anti-gravity platform perfect for any 15mm sci-fi setting. This code contains one high quality clean grey tone polyurethane resin casting of the Laserburn Law Officer Air Raft along with three separate white metal guns for the side mounts. Dimensions of this vehicle are approx 50mm in length and 30mm wide. Supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base or flight stand. A classic Laserburn model now re-mastered and produced in resin.

We also have a brand new blog so that we can show you all kinds of cool new releases and concepts too. This is the first news linking to it. Enjoy!

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