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Laser Dream Works releases three new 28mm Gunboats: French, Spanish, and American

Laser Dream Works hopes you have your sea legs 'cause they've got some new gunboats available in 3 different styles.

From the release:

Laser Dream Works is pleased to announce the release of three new 28mm Gunboat kits to expand our range of Napoleonic era ship kits. The Spanish, French, and American gunboats join our 1806 Hamilton British gunboat to round out a series of small craft that are representative of the various configurations of boats used during the time. It is quite possible that any of these designs would have found their way into service with any of the world’s navies or a band of cut-throat pirates. The boats range from 8" to 13" in length and easily hold 10-20 figures -perfect for your starting crew in most naval skirmish games.