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Laser Dream Works releases the USS LEE

Laser Dream Works releases a new model:

From their announcement:

Laser Dream Works is proud to announce its second ship in a new line of 28mm laser cut wooden model kits based on sailing ships of the early American Navy.

This will be the smallest ship in the range and is a faithful representation of the USS LEE. Built in 1776 on Lake Champlain, the LEE fought in the Battle of Valcour Island. The American fleet, under Benedict Arnold, was defeated and the Lee was run aground and destroyed. However, the battle did halt the British advance and they were not able to continue on to New York City again until the following year. While capable of mounting eight guns on a
single deck, during the battle she was armed with one 12lb gun, one 9lb gun and four 4LB guns. She sailed with a full crew of 86 - very tight quarters indeed.

The deck is a full 10 inches in length and 3.5 inches wide. Fully rigged she is 16 inches long and 14 inches tall. This is a wooden model kit consisting of about 100 parts. Assembly and painting are required.

The USS LEE is a perfect starting ship for a pirate gang or a promising young officer. She also makes a great companion ship to our previous release – The 18 Gun USS Wasp. We plan on releasing new ships every 4-8 weeks. For the near future they will range in size between the LEE and the WASP.