Laser Dream Works releases the 28mm 6 Gun Barque “La Belle”

Laser Dream Works has released their new 28mm 6 Gun Barque “La Belle” ship over in their webshop.

La Belle


From the post:

Laser Dream Works is celebrating our 3rd birthday by releasing the newest ship in our 28mm range. The 6 Gun Barque “La Belle” gives us a total of four smaller ships in the 8-12inch. This length is very popular with pirate gamers using skirmish rules. The La Belle, is a perfect opponent for our 8-Gun Cutter, USS Lee, the 8-Gun Cutter HMS Fly, or the ten gun Cutter HMS Lady Nelson. Each provides a distinct style so there is something for everyone. Check out our complete range of gunboats that also fall into the small ship category. For those players with larger crews, want to fight grander actions or are looking for a great terrain piece to fight over, check out our larger brigs, sloops, and frigate as well.