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Laser Dream Works releases new 28mm Cannon and Carronades

Laser Dream Works gives you some new firepower with their latest release of new cannons and carronades.

From the release:

Laser Dream Works is very pleased to announce that it is releasing our new range of 28mm Cannon and Carronades in conjunction with a new and significantly improved webpage and online store. The cannon are the product of this summer’s successful Kickstarter Project RUN OUT THE GUNS! We owe a deep debt of gratitude to Kevin Hull our 3D Sculptor, Pedro Ramos, our miniature sculptor, Mike Butcher who did our logo work and Brian Cain who did our video work.
As part of the project we have also greatly expanded our line of 28mm wooden ship model kits, adding the 10 Gun Cutter HMS Lady Nelson and the 18 Gun Brig HMS Frolic to our selection. We have several more exciting ships along with our 18mm range to release in the next few months. We invite you to our website to look around and encourage you to find us on Facebook to keep track of what is on the work bench.
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