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Laser Dream Works launches an 18mm Range of Ships

Laser Dream Works weighs anchor on their new line of 18mm range ships.
*breaks a champagne bottle over one*

From the launch:

LASER DREAM WORKS is proud to announce the addition of a line of 18mm laser cut wooden ship kits to our growing line of ship models. Over the last year we have been working with Capitan Games and Warmodelling Miniatures to reduce the scale of our ships down from 28mm to the 18mm scale which fits perfectly with their fine range of Napoleonic Era ship’s crews and land based 18mm figures. You may have seen our gunboat models featured in their rules set for Gunboat. We have recently added the 18mm version of our 28mm HMS Cyane, a sixth rate Frigate to the catalog. This model comes with an alternate stern, so that you can make a Spanish or French version of the ship as well. Together with our four types of gunboats and the cutter Lady Nelson, you can now bring a small fleet to your table. We expect to shrink down our British Brig, and one of our sloops in the near future to expand the line.
We also have added gaming tokens and markers for both the GUNBOAT, and MASTER AND COMMANDER rules systems.
We are very excited about the possibilities for the 18mm scale as it strikes a nice balance between being able to fight boarding actions using skirmish rules on 28mm ships, or fighting fleet actions using only ships at the 1/1000 or 1/1200 scale.