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Laser Dream Works has new pirate Brigantine

Laser Dream Works continues their model ship terrain line with their new Pirate Brigantine... and it is really impressive.

From the copy:

Greetings! Laser Dream Works is very happy to bring you our latest ship offering in our 28mm range. This month we bring another diversion from our historical ships with a modification to our 10 Gun British Brig. This Brigantine trades in four of its guns for a stern cabin making it perfect for a merchant ship or even better a PIRATE SHIP! We have eased up on the historical accuracy a bit to add in some gaming features focused on usable deck space. In addition, the roof of the stern cabin is removable giving access to the entire cabin – that is an additional 35 square inches of cabin space perfect for skirmish or role-playing games. In fact - we are so excited about the possibilities we are going to hold a CONTEST! Anyone who purchases one of these beauties before June 1st, is eligible to enter. All you have to do is build your ship - and then DECORATE THE CABIN! Send us pictures of your work. We will select the most amazing cabin conversion from all entries submitted by June 15th and award the winner the choice of any one of our 28mm ship kits absolutely FREE. We look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with and how you are incorporating our ships into your games!