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Laser Dream Works announces additions to their 18mm Fleet

Laser Dream Works adds to their 18mm fleet with their latest releases over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Greetings! Last week we added a new 8 Gun Cutter – the HMS Fly - to our 28mm range. This week we are bringing two versions of that ship to our 18mm line as well. The first is an 18mm 8 Gun Cutter, and the second is a turreted modification of that hull that mounts a single large carronade and changes the sail plan from that of a cutter to a lateen rig.

While the second ship is not historical, it does represent a variety of similar gunboats of the era. Both of these ship kits are specifically designed by Laser Dream works for use with the beautiful 18mm range of nautical figures made by Warmodelling Miniatures of Spain and for use with the GUNBOAT rules set published by Capitan Games – the game division of Warmodelling Miniatures. Our companies have been working together now for over a year to bring a complete line of Napoleonic Naval products. We are also happy to announce that their crews are available on our web store in the US, and they are making our ships available on their web store in Spain – an arrangement that should allow customers on both sides of the pond to keep gaming dollars out of the postmasters grip! Keep an eye on the horizon – our goal is launch an 18mm Brig, Sloop, and Xebec by summer’s end to round out the range.