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Laser Cannon for Laserburn back at brings back another classic Laserburn mini with their new Laser Cannon.

V005 HLC front view


From the release:

One of the lesser known Laserburn classic 15mm science fiction vehicle codes this week; the Heavy Laser Cannon. Dating from the early 1980's this artillery piece was among the first ever made for this scale of science fiction wargaming. We elected to keep the Heavy Laser Cannon in white metal due to its complexity and number of smaller pieces but its now in new molds and looking super crisp. Its a useful piece and can be put to many tasks and even now there are almost no field guns like this in the genre. We are pleased with the result and we hope you all are too.

V005 Heavy Laser Cannon
1 Metal Kit 4.00GBP
A powerful energy weapon in the form of a field gun with a human gunner ideal for many 15mm campaign settings. This code contains all the needed white metal re-mastered parts required to assemble the Heavy Laser Cannon. Dimensions assembled are approx 50mm long and 30mm wide. A classic Laserburn model once more back in production.

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