Lasalle Scratch-N-Dent Sale

Sam Mustafa Publishing is having a sale on copies of their Lasalle Napoleonic rules.

From their announcement:

Have you been thinking about buying Lasalle, but waiting for a good deal? Well, here it is. We have a case of books that got “dinged” in transit. Their interiors are perfectly fine, but they have some scratches on their covers, or in some cases some small dents on their exterior corners. Otherwise, they’re brand-new, perfectly fine full-color hardback books.

For more information about Lasalle, go to:

We’re selling them for only $25, plus shipping. (Normal new price: $43.) Eighteen bucks off. Wadda bargain.

For shipping add:
$7 in the USA
$14 to Canada
$18 everywhere else

How To Purchase:
Rather than using the Honour online store, just send the payment by PayPal to:

In the “Message” box write “Dinged Lasalle.”

Or if you’re an Old School kinda guy, send a check to:

Sam Mustafa Publishing
11 Coolidge Place
Haledon, NJ 07508 USA