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Lands of Ruin Up On Kickstarter

Through games such as Golem Arcana, the XCOM board game, and others such like them, the digital world has started to make its way into our tabletop world. Apps have started taking on some of the burden of playing a tabletop game. There have been many new advances and innovations that have come from bringing in such electronic pieces to the game. Well, Lands of Ruin is looking to do that, but to an extent I've not really seen before. No, it's definitely not a video game with miniatures. It's a miniatures game with a very integrated app.

The game is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi miniatures game with a difference. The app replaces rulebooks, character cards, stat sheets, and any sort of calculations you might need to do. It also has an AI system that will control certain elements around the board that neither player are in control of. A horde of mutated enemies starts tromping through the battlefield, attacking everything in sight, for example. That's handled by the app as to how they move. The system also lets "hidden movement and placement" to truly be that. You'll input your model's location and facing into the app without actually having them on the table. In any other system, there's tokens or even just your model out there to see. This goes a step beyond. In the end, you get as close to a battle simulation as you can while still being a tabletop miniatures game.

The campaign is up and running now and is about half funded. There's still 19 days left on the clock to get in on the action.