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Landfall - The wargame Con Within Storm-Con

There's a Storm-Con coming! (Mood indigo) White-water runnin' and the pressure is low!
Yeah... didn't think you'd see a Billy Joel reference, but there we are, then.
Anyway, Storm-Con is coming to Charleston on June 26-28. Within, you'll find Landfall, the wargaming convention within the convention. There'll be historicals minis games as well as general gaming space available for your own games you might want to play.
Pre-registration is open now (and saves you a few bucks compared to paying at the door).

From them to you:

Do you like wargames? Do you want to learn about historical wargames? Here's your chance! Landfall will feature demos of many of today's popular entry level wargames. It will also provide dedicated space for those that want to bring their own games or play some of the many wargames in the Storm-Con game library. The best part? There is no additional cost to participate in Landfall!

Early registration saves you money!