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LandEscapes, a new RPG and gaming map project up on Kickstarter

LandEscapes is a new RPG and gaming map project that's looking for funding over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

We have a number of opportunities available for our supporters.

These include a variety of 18x24 double sided color maps. These cover a wide variety, but mainly focus on the hamlet, village, and city sets. In addition, we are also including the ability for you to be a part of the project in the form of becoming and submitting NPC's and even buying and designing your own buildings

If we fund the project, we have tons of additional maps we want to make that can be unlocked as MILESTONES.

A Milestone is a goal we aim for after we reach funding. Every time a Milestone is reached, we unlock bonus rewards for our backers. These are rewards we add to pledge levels at no extra cost to our backers!

Something for everyone who loves miniature gaming.