Lancer Miniatures running Fantasy Orcs Kickstarter

Lancer Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a line of 28mm fantasy Orcs.



From the campaign:

A new range of 20 different poses in the classic style of the Orcs. They will be cast in metal and will be slota based to fit in with most fantasy armies, and will come with the plastic base, sword and shield armed for the first batch designed by the talented Mr Baker who has been making figures for me for five years. Fantasy is his first love, and he is keen to start this project. I already have a small lizard range, but Orcs is what he wants to make, and I want to add Orcs to my range as I need them for my own army, so if there is enough interest, he will start straight away. If this works then spear armed and 2 handed weapons will follow. All figures are made in house ie I have facilities to make moulds and cast figures, so no delays I can crack on as soon as Greens arrive.