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Lancer Miniatures running 28mm Lizardman Minis Kickstarter

Lancer Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign for some new 28mm Lizardmen minis to add to their range.



From the campaign:

This range of lizardmen has been around for about a year, and customers have asked am I going to expand it as they want some heavier weapons, so the time has come, and my first expansion is a shoulder rocket launcher with four barrels ideal for taking out buildings or vehicles, there will also be a loader standing behind ready to reload, I can’t show you a picture as it doesn’t exist yet and I can’t drawer for toffee, but my designer knows what I want and we are usually on the same wavelength. I have bulked out the pledges with the existing range because pledging for just 2 figures seems a bit of a waste of time, but of course the option is still there especially for existing customers who are the ones shouting we need bigger guns.