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Lance & Laser Fantasy Miniature Reissues from Armorcast

Armorcast has reissued some out-of-print models, bringing some heavy metal minis back to you.

From the announcement:

There are seven reissued miniature sets now available in the Armorcast webstore under Lance & Laser:

LL04000 Evil Sorceress $4.99
LL04001 Barbarian Scouts (3) $15.00
LL04004 Goblins Skirmishers (4) $12.00
LL04005 Goblins Wolf Riders (4) $25.00
LL04008 Large Beastmen (3) $20.00
LL04009 Half Trolls (3) $22.50
LL04010 Frogmen (4) $18.50

In an age of fragile plastic and brittle resin Lance and Laser still makes beefy METAL miniatures to make players quake in their boots at these beasties!