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Ladies from the North appear as Shieldwolf reveals the 3rd army planned

Shieldwolf Miniatures has some new previews up for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. This time it's Ladies from the North.
It must be summertime, even up North, considering the outfit the one in the artwork is in. Even in someplace like Chicago (where I used to live), it can get really hot. A lot of people don't really realize that.


From the preview:

"...they had long defied their male counterparts and exiled themselves to the coldest territories. At first, these were but a handful of women that had stood up, they had confronted the men and resisted their destiny; after having been beaten up and abused for centuries, there came a time they decided to face the lethal wilderness of the Northern Alliance Territories than endure the puny life the Gods had designed for them.

Many of them got captured or killed, while others simply perished in the perilous journey, their corpses still preserved in the ever-lasting ice. The few that survived however gave birth to one of the toughest factions the Shieldwolf world ever knew. And after so many centuries of total isolation these female warriors are seen ever more often, having enhanced their breed to a point they can field entire armies. And they can match up to anyone..."