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Lacquered Coffins WWII Air Combat Game Now Available

During WWII, over many battles, another battle was taking place. Planes of all sorts, from scout planes to agile fighters to bombers were fighting their own war. Lacquered Coffins lets you relive those days of close-combat dogfights with their simple set of aerial combat rules.

About the game:

Ostfront publishing is excited to announce the release of Lacquered Coffins, our fast-play WWII air combat game.
The game focuses on the interaction of fighter, bomber, ground attack and utility aircraft, and provides rules for ground targets, reconnaissance, torpedoes and naval vessels, as well as a smooth air combat system that can easily handle up to 50 aircraft per side.

Aimed at 1/600 scale, Lacquered coffins would work fine at 1/300 or or 1/144 scale as well. The game does not require hexes, or fancy flying stands, and has a unique speed and altitude tracking system, allowing for dynamic and simple handling of real flight characteristics.