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Lacorsa Grand Prix Racing Game Up On Kickstarter

Living here in Atlanta, when someone talks about "racing," it's a sure-bet that they're talking about NASCAR. However, it's hardly the only form of auto-racing out there. There's also Grand Prix. With its spaceship-looking cars, tight turns, weaving courses, and yet still with plenty of high speeds, it's easy to see why it's so popular worldwide. Now, Lacorsa looks to bring that action to your tabletop.

In the game, players control their own Grand Prix racer. Jockey for position and try to stay ahead of the competition to come across the finish line first. Each hand represents a single race. So even if you don't come in first in one race, you can still end up being crowned world champion.

The campaign is up on Kickstarter now with still 23 days left to go.