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Labors of the Gods at Saber's Edge

Labors of the Gods CoverSaber's Edge is selling PDF copies of the Labors of the Gods rules from Four-Color Figures. From their announcement:
Saber's Edge Hobbies and Games is pleased to offer Four-Color Figures "Labors of the Gods" A Full-Blown Mythic Skirmish Game! Form a warband and adventure through Bronze Age Greece in a world where living myths walk among men! Build Demi-Gods, Satyrs, Centaurs, Amazons, and more! Battle your opponents' warband and the cursed children of the fallen Titans to recover ancient knowledge and gain the favor of the Gods themselves! Featuring skirmish-level action designed for 15mm or 28mm miniatures from any manufacturer, Labors of the Gods utilizes the tried and tested Goalsystem game engine made popular in previous releases like SuperSystem, Chaos in Carpathia, and Chaos in Cairo. Labors requires only a handful of miniatures and fistful of six-sided dice to play, and includes a full campaign system and five pre-made scenarios to get players right into the action. Clash with titanic foes and undertake legendary journeys on the tabletop with Labors of the Gods! $6.95 USD - PDF