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Laboratory launches Province Kickstarter, funds in 48 hours

Laboratory has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Province, their new resource management game, and they've been funded already. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 17 days.


From the campaign:

In less that 48 hours, Province, the new $5 euro-lite microgame from Laboratory, has reached it's $5000 funding goal.

Province is a two player game where you must strategically manage your resources and workers to build, complete goals, and score the most victory points to win! The game features a communal worker pool representing the available workers in your town. Players move their workers to generate resources (Labor and Coin) that are used to build the various Structures, which in turn effect resource generation. But your opponent can also move the workers leaving you without the resources you need!

It's only a three week campaign, so back it now, and help make it the best game it can be!