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Kzinti and Romulan Reinforcements Shipping This Week for Star Fleet from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing is sending out reinforcements for their Kzinti and Romulan fleets.
"Bones,.. this man.. has a... broken arm!"
"Damnit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a... wait... oh... crap. My bad."

From the announcement:

A new fleet comes to A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, and Romulans get some much needed reinforcements!

Two box sets start shipping this week - the Kzinti Squadron and the Romulan Reinforcements set. The Kzinti Squadron contains everything you need to start fielding these cat-like aliens in A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, including a War Destroyer, Medium Cruiser, Light Cruiser, Heavy Battlecruiser, and a mighty Dreadnought!

The Romulan Reinforcements set includes a Firehawk, Sparrowhawk, King Eagle, a KF5R Destroyer, and a rather tasty KC9R Dreadnought.

Pre-ordered Kzinti blisters will also start shipping this week, and they will be followed after Gen Con by the Kzinti Fleet set.

Next to appear... Gorn!