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Kyngdoms welcomes you to the City of Blackfen

The Kyngdoms system-free fantasy setting just recently came back online and they're adding to the tapestry of the land with their first update: a guide to the city of Blackfen.

From the update:

Today sees the launch of a new series of articles from The Kyngdoms detailing the City of Blackfen.

The city will be fully fleshed out over a series of weekly articles, bringing you a fantastic place in which to either base your game, or better yet, a place in which the adventures themselves can be set. This week we bring you the map of the city, which will slowly be built up with clickable keyed areas. What can you expect from the City of Blackfen?

- over 60 keyed areas
- interesting places highlighted
- interesting people highlighted
- adventure hooks and ideas
- details of the city politics
- details of the religions
- the major themes of Blackfen
- the criminal underbelly of Blackfen
- a look at the region directly surrounding the city
- lots of maps

Like The Kyngdoms: The World of Arrasia itself, the City of Blackfen will be system free, making it a perfect backdrop for the game of your choice. You can also choose to use the city in whatever campaign setting you like, should you prefer.

And like The Kyngdoms, we offer it all entirely for free!