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Kushite Witch Hunters Available For The Conan Board Game

In any 1-vs-many board game, the single player needs to have a lot of options to feel that they have a chance at defeating the others. The more varied tactics they can use, the more likely they'll come up with something that the heroes (as they generally are) can't handle. As such, those that play as the Overlord in the Conan board game have a new set of villains they can employ: the Kushite Witch Hunters.

From the release:

Hailing from the distant land of Kush, the Kushite Witch Hunters are a set of four unique units that offer the Overlord a wide array of new tricks and talents with which he can punish the heroes.

Since each of these four units—Shubba, Shafiah, Ghayoor, and Afari—are unique, their life points may be described differently from each other, and they may vary from scenario to scenario. But no matter what life point totals these units are assigned, you'll find them uniquely capable of slowing down the heroes.