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Kurgan Fleet unveiled for CTA: Noble Armada

Mongoose Publishing are accepting pre-orders for the Kurgan Fleet for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada. Kurgan Fleet From their announcement:
The first new fleet for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada has just been unveiled on our web site - the Kurga Caliphate has arrived, and they are angry. This fleet is arriving in our warehouse in early July, so get your pre-orders in to make a big impact on the Known Worlds. The entire fleet list is also on our web site for free download. At first glance, the Kurgan fleet seems comparable to those of the Noble Houses, with raiders, frigates, cruisers, and the rest. However, in play, you will find them very different. The Kurga have a greater reliance on fighters, with two carriers in their list and a dreadnought capable of launching them as well. While they have no dedicated heavy fighters, the Kurga have the Bogatyr which is a multirole design that can double up for heavy work. However, their most feared fighter has to be the Khangard, a ‘martyr’ fighter designed to speed towards the enemy and detonate on impact. As befits their barbarian image, the Kurga are also extremely capable during boarding actions and this, combined with their unique heat blasters that can devastate enemy crew, makes them a far more sophisticated fleet than the ‘one trick pony’ many nobles consider them to be. Ignore them at your peril.