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Kromlech releases new weathering powder sets

Kromlech has some new powders to help your minis get that "weathered" look on them.

From the release:

Something entirely different and new, I've got for you today. We have decided to broaden our range of products and release a set of weathering powders. Even though, this is our first non miniature product, they are by no means an experiment. We have checked a lot of various formulations and raw materials to come up with a set of pigments that will both be of great quality and also available at an affordable price. While the latter, I'd like to leave to your judgement, I can personally vouch for the very high standard of these powders. As a modeller, I have been playing with them for the past couple of months and honestly was very happy with the coverage they provide, as well as the 'grip' they maintain on the model's surface.