Kromlech releases new Sons of Thor backpacks

By Polar_Bear
In Modelling
Jul 29th, 2012

Kromlech released their new Sons of Thor backpack over on their website. Go forth and customize your force from yon brethren gamers!

From the release:

Hey all,
We’ve got a lil sumthing for all of you Norse mythology freaks 🙂
Our brand new Sons of Thor backpacks.


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  • lordofexcess

    Nice stuff again, BUT … at these prices … I’ll avoid the rip-offs and just buy forgeworld stuff, its actually basically cheaper.

  • Kane

    $7.90 for 5 doesn’t seem excessive and AFAIK you can’t buy seperate backpacks from FW (happy to be contradicted on that :))

  • lordofexcess

    It is 12 with S&H but I don’t disagree that this specific product isn’t as poorly priced, but their overall range is what I am talking about (poorly worded initial response on my part though I will concede that). Many of their ork models, etc. are really closely priced to forgeworld prices. $40.00 for an ork buggy, 35.00 for weathering powders, etc. They have quality products, for the record I own some of their stuff. I just look at their prices vs. say a chapter house, etc. these guys have no overhead … they are gouging … GW has substantial overhead in terms of marketing, payroll, etc. and companies like these if they aren’t driving prices down, aren’t helping consumers … that is my only beef with these guys and others operating exclusively in the GW knockoff market … drive the prices down … or move over for someone else. I guess as long as GW fanboys are willing to pay insane prices for everything this will never stop and it is the consumers who are to blame. In the end it will just allow another game entirely to flourish … such is the way of business.

    Forgeworld does not offer individual bits (sadly, I agree) but one can always ebay bitz order the plastic GW wolf backpacks for a few bucks cheaper than these. Yes these ones are cool … a little more expensive. Also it isn’t just this company Scibor, etc. etc. there is a whole industry of GW knock off companies now. I’d like to know how and why GW just stopped litigating against IP infringement. They were one of the most aggressive companies on that front about five years back, now it seems like they don’t care at all.

    I honestly have been frustrated with GW’s pricing for years and with many of GW’s business decisions. That said, there seems to be alot of parasitic competition in the marketplace, it would be interesting to see what that is doing to GWs numbers? I wonder if they just make so much money on their sideline stuff anymore that they really don’t care (I wonder how much FFG is paying them and how much they are earning with their video game licensing, etc.). Time to go look for their last annual report I guess.

  • Gallahad

    There wouldn’t be so many bits sellers and knock off kit makers if GW wasn’t trying to price like a monopoly. The IP infringement thing isn’t really clear cut. For example, I don’t have to get Toyota’s permission to make Toyota compatible car parts.

    I welcome bits sellers and kit makers. The more competition the better.

    • Kane

      Got to agree with Gallahad – I don’t see the production of a backpack suitable for use with GW kits (or Mantic, Infinity possibly Hasslefree etc etc) as a knockoff, as long as the quality is good more power to them …

    • Bobofreak

      I agree as well the more variation and options the better. As far as price I’ll buy what I feel is worth the money but unfortunately I am obsessed so like quite a few others that frequent these pages I find some very small fiddly bits worth quite a lot sometimes!