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Kromlech Holiday Contest Happening Now

During this time of year, lots of people go out on holiday. Maybe you're taking a week to go see the folks. Or perhaps you're gonna spend a weekend at the lake. Or you're headed just downtown for an afternoon to see a show. Whatever it is, Kromlech wants to come along. They're having a Holiday Contest where you can win some cool Kromlech stuff.

From today until August 31st, just take a photo of your Kromlech model (Note: 100% Kromlech, not just a bit or two on another company's figure) wherever you go on holiday. It can be a scary photo, or funny, or awesome, or just whatever you want. Then, send in your photos. Kromlech will be looking over all of them (feel free to send in multiple), with their favorite winning a 100 Euro voucher for the Bits of War webshop. Two runners-up will get 50 Euro vouchers.

So, even if you're having a "stay-cation," go ahead and send in your photos.