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Kromlech holding "Name that Demon" contest

Kromlech is at a loss for what to name their new demon model. So they're asking for your help. Check it out and maybe you can be the one to give it a name. Warning: not safe for work, hence why there's no picture of it here.

Hey all,
This big bad girl is going to be joining our range on Monday, 11th of June. We are very excited about it, however, we do not have a name for her. Here is, where you step in.
The rules are simple. Go to our facebook fanpage, like it (if you do not like it already) and propose a name for her in the comment section under the photograph. It does not have to be very serious. Just please, do not use names that are owned by other companies. The deadline for submiting your suggestions is 10th of June. Please, send only one suggestion each. On the 11th of June we will choose the coolest name and release the miniature under it.
The person, whose suggestion was chosen will receive the (currently) nameless Lady.