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Kromlech Highlanders legs and Orc Anzac heads released

Kromlech has now released their Orc Anzac heads as well as some new Highlander legs with which you can customize your models.

From the update:

Hey all,

We've been quiet lately, so to make up for it, we've got two pieces of news for you today.
Both of them releases, too!

First of them is a set of Highlander standing legs- because you seem to enjoy the running and crouching ones and have requested for the standing set to be released:
Designed by Dmitrij Aniszenko.
Painted by Edwin Smolinski.

The second is a set of Orc Anzac heads- because why not? The more orc heads, the better!
Sculpted by Igor Karpow.
Painted by Edwin Smolinski.

Hope you like them.