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Kromlech contest for Stygian Daemon name

Kromlech would like your input in coming up with a name for their new Stygian Demon they're working on.

Stygian Demon


From them to you:

Prophecy of Fate:
"there will be a point in time and space,
a daemon will take Your place
Master of Forms, Guardian of Souls,
Herald of Fate
that has no name
but there will be a mortal man who knows it well"

We have a contest for You.
Think of a name for our unreleased Stygian Daemon and write it in comments on our Facebook Fan Page.
We will choose a name that we like best and award it with with a free Stygian Daemon model.
We will send it to lucky winner just after a release day
We are waiting for Your proposals until the 11th July 2014 .