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Kromlech announces winners of their "Most Wanted" contest

Kromlech gives us the winners of their "Most Wanted" competition.

Hi all,
As promissed two weeks ago, the time has come to announce the winners of the 'Most Wanted From Kromlech' competition. It was suprizingly easy to come up with the best of the best requests- we just printed all the emails and had Artur throw darts at them blindfolded. Simple, fair (?), and fast. Didn't even have to read them!

On a more serious note, we would really like to thank you all for participating and writing to us. We were astionished by the amount of unique request, that we have received. We went through all of them several times and took a lot of time to discuss the pros and cons of each and everyone of them in the studio. We have finally agreed on three people, whose ideas we liked the most (one request per person, of course). They are:
Ed Fortune
Luke Chamberlain
Jaros?aw Ludera

Congrats to you, guys. Your ideas are going to be turned into resin, and your names immortalized in the hall of eternal glory, beneath the gloomy chambers of the Kromlech Palace. We will keep the winning requests to ourselves for now, but stay put! We promise to make a lot of fuss about it when the time comes.
Also, as promised two weeks ago, we have randomly picked three people, who will receive $10 vouchers at our online store. They are:

Matthew Lins
Jérôme Durou
Donnie Williams

Congrats to you too!
I will contact you with the details of receiving your prize.
Phew, that's about it.
Once again, a big, BIG thank to you all and congratulations to the winners.