Kromlech Announces Upcoming Releases

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Nov 29th, 2011

Kromlech Announces Upcoming Releases:

From their announcement:

We would like to present you WIP pictures of our new miniature, the Orc Desert Raider! We are still working on the crew for it, but they are almost finished, so we will update you with more photos in the very near future.

We have also started our new facebook fanpage.
For more photos, visit it and like it here:

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  • tredhed


    There goes my gaming budget. I can see doing an Ork version of the Long Range Desert Group.

  • This is a model Ork players have needed for a very long time.. here’s to hoping the pricing makes sense.

  • Tommygun

    Has anyone seen a miniature next to it for scale?

    • I would think it’s chassis is the same size as the 2nd ed/Gorkamorka trukks only properly proportioned.. that’s just going off the TLBS though..

  • Pawel_Kromlech

    Hi Guys,
    It is roughly 3.5 inches long and 2.25 inches wide.
    Hope it helps.
    If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask here or on our facebook wall. You can also catch me via email at pawel[dot]kromlech[at]gmail[dot]com.