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Krampus Knocked! Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Pretty much everyone knows about Santa's Naughty and Nice lists. If you're on the Nice list, you get presents. If you're on the Naughty list, you get coal. But it's not easy to get and stay on the Nice list, especially when you've got the evil Krampus around, looking to take you off of it. But getting on and staying at the top of the Nice list is what you'll be trying to do in Krampus Knocked!, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Hi! Welcome to "Krampus Knocked!" A Card Game 'Yule' Love!

What is it and how do I play?

Krampus Knocked! © is a quick-paced card game of Mistletoe and Mischief for 2-6 players ages 6+.

The game has 72 illustrated cards.
Play generally lasts about 20 minutes.
Games can be won individually or you can add points from game to game.
Krampus Knocked! is an easy game to play with few rules and a quick set up!

To win you must stay on top of the "Nice List", which is laid out on the table using the player's character cards, and not get knocked off by another player or Krampus! The higher on the 'Nice List' you are at the end, the more points you score. Gift Givers from legend and lore will help you... if you have done enough "Good Deeds", which are fun and funny cards collected and played throughout the game, with different point values depending on the deed. "Shovel your neighbor's driveway" 2 points "Watch your friend's poodle... while it has a bladder issue." 4 points. "Help your mom with a computer issue over the phone." 5 points

But, BEWARE! Krampus loves to knock people off the list at any time! Can you out-smart Krampus stay on the "Nice List" or will you be KRAMPUS KNOCKED!

The campaign's up and running now. It's set to go for another 22 days.