Kraken Editions update

Joss from Kraken Editions has posted some comments about the state of the company and of Aklemy.

Hello everyone.

First and foremost I want to apologize for not telling you anything earlier about the latest developments at Kraken Editions. At first we were asked to remain silence, then the administrative process took over and I haven’t really taken the time to come talk about these tough times with you.

I was hoping I’d be able to post sooner with good news but we are currently still in limbo. However it’s become difficult to maintain this silence and I thought it really important to give you news.

What I can tell you today is that we have contacted several structures so that the game can keep developing. The idea is of course to release the entire content of Genesis, and if possible to resume the future developments that we had already started working on.

As of today we are still in discussion with several people interested in continuing the game (which has many elements developed and ready to be exploited), and we are working to ensure this transition happens in the best conditions. The existing miniatures will then continue to be produced, as well as new ones, in metal or resin depending on who takes over the range.

To reassure you about the future:
– Allan said he would continue to participate in sculpting the models and in working on the artistic direction of the range so that Alkemy remains what made Alkemy.
– As for me I’ll keep more than a watchful eye on the continuation of the game and its universe.

But we aren’t the only ones within the team wanting to keep following the game more or less closely. In short, the Kraken team remains very attached to this universe and nothing would please us more than for it to stay alive.

So that’s it, the Kraken will go back to the dark abyss it left in 2007. On the other hand, the Alkemy adventure isn’t over, and it’s largely thanks to you, your enthusiasm and your passion.

As a conclusion I must say that I am particularly proud to have been able to rely on such a dynamic and rewarding community as the one that created itself for Alkemy. For me it’s the greatest success of this project. I look forward to seeing you soon, as well as to being able to bring you good news very soon!

I remain at your disposal to answer your questions and feedbacks as best as I can.

Thank you and see you soon.