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KR Multicase stage 2 website update

KR Multicase continues the revisions to their website and wants to keep everyone abreast of the topic.

As you know, we launched a whole new KR website last year. That was stage 1, and we have now uploaded stage 2. These improvements to the site add even more simplicity to the navigation to get you to the best trays and cases for your army in just a few clicks. Look out for Stage 3 update in summer, it will add a great new feature!

Click the link to see the site improvements and try out how you can pick pre-filled cases, make up bespoke cases, find tray sets and individual trays with ease to give your army the best protection.

The “what fits” page makes its return too, and is updated with even better listings for armies. Find it on the home menu from any page, a simple click will show you all you need for your army.

You can find our update at

KR – soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam !