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KR Multicase Releases Dreadfleet Trays and Cases

KR Multicase Releases Dreadfleet Trays and Cases:

From their announcement:

The new custom made tray set for Dreadfleet is now available on our website.

Carry all of the set (ships, scenery, cards, etc) in custom made trays in any of our standard size cases - Aluminium, Kaiser1, Backpack, K-Lite, Card. The safest way to carry these miniatures is in soft foam trays that protect all the fragile parts and don't damage the paint. Perfect timing for Christmas!

The trays available individually from the custom tray page on the website.

The KR system is based around the philosophy of “soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam”. Gamers usually have to accept hard foam and hard tray bases as other transport systems for miniature figures require this hard foam/tray base combination due to the need to stack trays in tall piles in a soft outer bag. This in turn means that the trays must always be carried horizontal because as soon as they are carried side on your models will be in contact with the hard tray base of the tray above, which leads to broken models and scuffed paint.

Because of the problems with storing and transporting miniatures, the KR system is designed to provide protection for all armies from small to large. KR trays are manufactured from soft high tensile foam which cares much better for your figures as it supports your models and does not damage the paint finish.

Because the tray bases in KR trays are the same foam as the tray itself, your figures have all-round protection - a KR case can be carried or stored in any orientation (flat, side on, even upside down) and always keep your miniatures safe.

These trays in a standard card case start at only £29.99 of course just like all KR products the price includes postage.

You can see the full range on our new website at

KR – soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam !