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KR Multicase now has half-size cases

KR Multicase now has half-sized hard cases to carry your trays in if you only want to take a small pack with you.

The new half width card case is now available for your KR trays. It is half the width but the same height as a standard case and is ideal for organising your armies in combination with the modular KR Multicase system. Carry 100 troops in one, a troop/vehicle combo (eg. a landraider, 2 dreadnoughts and 18 terminators), a full Dystopian wars fleet, or even simply your special models like a couple of drop pods.

The KR Tyranid custom trays will be avialable this week too, and are designed to cover the full Tyranid range - as usual the unique KR designs with soft foam and hard cases means that your will carry more in a case and have the best protection possible for your models.