KR Multicase New Custom Cut Trays

KR Multicase have added new custom foam trays to their online store.


From their announcement:

We have increased our range of custom cut trays by adding some for 3 GW armies.

We have added a new valkyrie tray (KRL¾T) which carries the valkyrie plus the stand, 2 Chimera, plus 2 sentinels & 2 HW teams or 4 Heavy weapons teams – this new tray allows for a 40 compartment troop tray in a standard case as well ! For the original 110mm deep valkyrie tray there is a 20 compartment insert tray now included, though you can purchase this separately if you have a valkyrie in a case already.

The Monolith has a dedicated tray set now too, with fixed steps providing full support for it.

All rhino, landraider, Chimera, Leman Russ and Baneblade based vehicles are catered for, as well as speeders and dreadnoughts. The deeper tank trays have room for spare turrets too.

The modular custom tray system we have designed enables you to create a unique tray and case set to suit your specific army. Each army has a detailed picture set with descriptions, and a TrayCreator application to assist you in deciding the best layout. You can effectively create a tray from its components to suit your needs – no constraints on a large preformatted tray!

A few of these new trays also incorporate some pick&pluck sections to enable you to customise them for specific vehicles or taller dreadnoughts for example.

As with all our cases, this new range has a fixed price per case (which includes a full set of any trays, no matter which format), and as always postage is included too – full details on the custom tray page.

This range of L-format trays is also available individually if you decide on upgrading your current case. We will add these shortly for the EU and international shops, and will add more trays over the coming weeks so keep us bookmarked.