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KR Multicase – New AutoFill program and 10 tray colours available

KR Multicase has new foam tray colors available over in their shop. You can also custom-make your trays with their new AutoFill program.


From the announcement:

KR have developed this unique feature to help you get the safest and best trays for your models. Simply list out your models from the drop down menus to complete your army list and then click AutoFill and your tray list will be generated for your army. Your case will be filled completely, and any spare space will have trays added as suggestions for additional storage. You can edit your list and swap out these top up trays to suit your needs. AutoFill utilises the KR “foam engine” software specifically developed to get the knowledge of KR at your finger tips by using a system of “Dynamic Automated Resolution of Your List” coding to work out the perfect match of trays and cases for your army. Try it today and let KR do all the hard work for you. More armies will be added each week too.

And not only does AutoFill help you achieve the best fit of trays, it also give you the opportunity to choose your tray colour to match your army – yes custom trays in 10 custom colours ! Just pick your colour and add it to your basket. Another first for wargamers from KR.

Only KR can provide this fantastic range as you can only achieve it with soft foam, and it is soft foam that will always give you the market leading protection for your miniatures. Soft foam cushions your models. Soft foam protects your models. Soft foam is the best for your models.

KR – putting figures first