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KR Multicase - more stockists added

KR Multicase cases and foam are now available in more locations. From their announcement:
We are pleased to announce that another 16 new stores in are now stocking the KR range of cases and trays. These have been added to the online retailer locator. Netherlands Games of War France: SPL Guerre Miniatures Spain Comixininos El Vecino de la Bestia
USA Adler Hobby LLC Dakota Miniatures Endgame Gamers Sanctuary Hobby Shop Little Shop of Magic Olympic Cards and Comics Sentry Box The Game Habitat The Last Square War Gamer Hub Click on this link or from any page of our site to get to the interactive page. If you are a store owner attending GenCon, drop in and see us at booth 1941 and we can help guide you on stocking the best cases to match the figures and games you sell. If you want your local store to stock the KR range of trays, cases and accessories let them know to get in touch. If you have a local store where you shop/game and want them to stock the KR range let them and us know and if they start to stock KR I am sure a case will find its way to your door - an easy way to start or expand your storage and transport cases! If you run a bricks&mortar or online store you can stock the KR range either via one of our distributors or from us directly. Many thanks KR KR Multicase - the complete storage and transport system