KR Multicase has new Star Wars X-Wing Cases and Custom Trays

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 8th, 2012

KR Multicase gives you a way to keep all your X-Wing Minis Game ships and other sundries together with their new tray system.

From the release:

Star Wars X-Wing is a great game, and already proving very popular. Now you can keep your whole game plus expansion packs in 1 case from KR

Each game has many accessories in addition to the flyers, and the custom trays in the X-Wing set carry all the tokens, dials, cards and dice needed for up to 10 of them. That means the 3 flyers from the starter game (X-Wing and 2 Tie fighters) plus another 7 of the expansion packs – X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Tie Advanced, or Y-Wing too. So carry up to 10 flyers in one easy to use set. The set fits perfectly into our half size aluminium or card case.

You can store and transport the whole game with ease using the custom designed trays from KR. The modular tray designs mean that they all fit within our huge range of cases, from the Aquilla, through to the card and aluminium cases, and the Kaiser transport bags or backpacks.

You can printout a pdf of the trays, and pre-made sets from the link.

Interchange trays with the rest of the KR system, and you can be confident of the best protection for your miniatures.

And of course we will have trays for the Milennium Falcon, and Slave 1 as they come out too, keep KR bookmarked for updates.

KR – soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam !

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  • KelRiever

    Aren’t they pre-painted plastic minis? Why would I need foam for that? Sorting, sure. Get a $10 box from Home Depot. Am I mistaken? Are people going to paint these?

  • farseer

    why risk getting them chipped? The xwings lasers are spindly and can snap easy, the tie fighters heat sinks corners can break off, etc. I dont want to rebuy them at 15.00 each.

    And taking the minis off the bases over and over will increase the chances they will break. this is not a bad idea…