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KR Multicase has new custom trays for Tyranids

KR Multicase brings you another in their sets of custom foam trays to carry your army. Their latest offering is one for Tyranids.

From them to you:

The new custom Tyranid trays are now available on the KR website. They cover all models from the smallest to the largest. Our usual efficient tray designs mean that you can carry more in a case than with any other case system, and have soft foam for your models too – the most protective system for your collection.

They are compatible with all the range of KR Multicases, simply choose from the Card, Aluminium, Kaiser, K-Lite, Backpack or wheeled cases – there is something for all army sizes and all budgets.

The Carnifex trays are designed with dedicated sections which you remove depending on the weapons you are using, a feature only available from KR, and unique to many of the KR tray designs. There are 2 tray options for the winged hive tyrants too – either fixed or magnetised, and even a Heirophant tray too for the KR Prestige case.

Use the website to choose individual trays or pre-selected tray sets in a case If you want a particular choice for your army, simply fill a bespoke case with your tray choices. See the “What Fits” list for a full list of all the trays.

Of course, if you have the KR system already then you only need to purchase additional card cases to swap in and out of your Kaisers or Backpacks – providing you the best protection and most economical system for storing and transporting your collection. And of course when not in use your army is stored safely and dust free wherever you want – on a shelf, under the bed, on top of a cupboard, and is easily labelled with the contents too, so you can find organise your armies with ease with KR.

You can find them at

KR – soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam !